About us.

Nandhi Exports is a high grade quality producing t shirt manufacturer in Tirupur that was established in 2008. Supported by a robust infrastructure and state of the art machineries, perfection is attained with ease. Our product line up includes a variety of unique set of apparels for all genders, ages and sizes. We are authorised by the government of India to export our products on an international scale; standing as an example to our quality. The company assists entrepreneurs to establish a brand of their own because we understand the power of customisability. 

Corporate T Shirts Manufacturers in Tirupur

We  Manufacture the bulk quantity of corporate t shirts with custom designed printing designs and embroidery.

Promotional T shirt manufacturers in Tirupur

We export large Quantity of promotional t shirts for promotional events like meeting and brand advertising. All kind of promotional t shirt are manufactured.


We manufacture t shirt with well designed pattern and customized logos. All our t shirt can be manufactured for Promotional Events, Corporate t shirts for events and all types of t shirts.


We are best t shirt manufacturer in tirupur with well developed designers for fabric and printing.


Our Services


T-Shirts plays a major tool in Marketing & Branding events in this era. .

How many of you recall or remember a brand just by seeing a T-Shirt color ? Many, right ?!

Consciously or subconsciously, we all have been impressed by an event or company, where the employees have worn good quality, well-fitting T-Shirts. When we wonder why, certain aspects of that 

T-Shirt would have impressed us like –

  1. A quality T-Shirt indicates the importance a firm gives to Quality.
  2. A well-fitted T-Shirt indicates the firm’s respect towards its well-groomed, hard-working staff.
  3. A well-designed T-Shirt with the right color,logo and words often indicates the Vision that a firm wants to achieve.

In this busy world, where people have less time and patience to recall things, It is important for them to remember your firm/event T-Shirt. So contact us make your T-Shirts  memorable –


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